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Savoury Pastries

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With a flaky buttery crust, our quiches are a must have. Your choices are the rich Spinach & Ricotta, or the classic Cheese & Ham, can't go wrong with either of them. They are just the right size for a snack or to complement a meal.


Butter Croissant

Some people like to call it a "plain" croissant, but let's be honest that "plain" does not even begging to describe the flavours and texture of this beauty. This buttery art is the type that will melt in your mouth.

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Spinach and Feta Pastry

Made with the same croissant dough but filled with a cream of spinach and feta, a must try!

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Our poche is a delicate flaky buttery crust filled with a mix of strong and classic flavours. A pastry to indulge at any time of the day.



Our empanadas are inspired by Argentina and Mexico, with a mix of explosive flavours from this two beautiful countries.
You will find the traditional Beef & Olive, the smoked Chicken Tinga, the spicy Chorizo & Cheese, and the classic mix of Veggies.


Savoury Pies

Our pot pies are inspired by a combination of Australian, North American and a touch of French pies. I know this might sound all over the place, but we could not decide which one was the best one and decided to mix it all and create the next best thing.
(Beef, Chicken, mixed Veggies or Tourtière)


Sausage Rolls

Sausage Rolls are a traditional British and Irish snack.
It's a must have!
This savoury pastry is made of a buttery puff pastry baked to a perfect golden brown, and filled with our house made sausage (father's secret recipe).


Scotch Eggs

Our Scotties are hard boiled eggs, wrapped in sausage (father's secret recipe) coated with sourdough bread crumbs, and baked.
It is perfect to complement your meal, or have it as a snack anywhere really.

Savoury Pastries: All Products
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